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The range of services provided by Interis AG covers many business and private aspects of our clients. They receive professional support and assistance in both legal and administrative issues related to their enterprises, as well as professional consultations related to their personal interests – starting with getting a residence permit in Switzerland (or other countries) to inheritance issues. A short list of our services is provided below:

1. Establishment of Swiss and foreign companies and their management

We are dealing with the establishment, registration and management of companies and their branches in Switzerland and many other countries. We help to open bank accounts for these companies in Switzerland and abroad.


Company establishment and management are performed, as a rule, on our behalf. At the client’s request, we form the company Board and its management. The client signs an agreement with us for the delegation of respective authorities to us.


At the client’s request, we also carry out the necessary bookkeeping and maintain contacts with the banks.


While guaranteeing anonymity, we should still be informed about our clients, their activities and business links of each company. Being a registered financial intermediary, Interis AG operates in accordance with fair trade practice requirements. Moreover, we are a member of the anti-money laundering organization (PolyReg).

We consult our clients on the issues of regulation and planning of legal succession, in particular, in cases of property ownership abroad.

We represent the interests of our clients in the company Board in Switzerland and abroad.


Taking into account our long term experience in the management of large and medium enterprises, we are ideal representatives in the strategic decision-making bodies.

We carry out the bookkeeping for Swiss and international companies in accordance with the Swiss law (OR, FER), as well as on the basis of international standards (IAS & IFRS) at the client’s request.


We prepare annual and intermediary financial reports, consult on the reporting results and perform analyses and propose measures if the planned targets are not achieved.


We undertake responsibility for the development of reports of the branches and affiliated companies to be submitted to the Board or to the mother company.


We develop reports on the VAT, submit them to the tax authorities and represent the clients’ interests before the tax authorities if differences arise.

We run the reports on salaries for the companies with up to 50 employees, as well as conduct necessary calculation of the income tax, social, pension and insurance deductions.


We carry out the bookkeeping on the salaries of the top management for the large companies that prefer keeping the management salaries confidential.

Our professional employees prepare agreements, company charters and bylaws.



Swiss tax legislation:


We run the tax reports in the cases of establishment, reorganization, and changes in the structure of share capital or liquidation of the company.


We prepare tax declarations for all cantons (income tax, property tax), consult on the VAT issues, and represent the interests of our clients before the tax authorities if need be.



Getting residence permit in Switzerland:


We provide support to the foreign citizens on the issues of getting a residence permit in Switzerland (and other countries), as well as conducting negotiations with the local (canton) governments to reach tax agreements.


We provide assistance to ensure access to the economic development funds in all cantons of Switzerland.

Our log-term professional partners perform audits of annual reports of our clients’ companies in accordance with legal requirements.


We exercise necessary control in the case of company establishment, reduction or enlargement of equity capital and in special situations (company purchasing or selling).

We provide individual, comprehensive and independent consulting and services on any financial and ownership issues, as well as making deals for wealthy families and private individuals.

9. Consulting on corporate financing issues

We provide consulting to our clients on any financial issues.


We provide services to determine the company value according to the commonly recognized valuation principles and thus create a reliable basis to buy or sell the company.


We support our clients, who want to buy or sell the company on the due diligence issues and implement takeovers and mergers of the companies.

We support our clients on all issues related to planning and controlling.


We develop and implement the effective controlling concepts for the service-type companies, as well as for trade and industrial enterprises.


We advise our clients on all issues of company planning (including the business plan development) and provide support for the implementation of these plans.

We advise you on matters which are related to the selection of the most appropriate organizational form of your company depending on the situation.


We help our clients to define the optimal correlation between control and delegation of authorities in the corporate management process.


Often the Boards and management of serious companies prefer to have neutral partners, who, on the one hand, are experts in strategic issues, and, on the other hand, are not an interested party. Our long-term experience of management of large and medium enterprises, as well as professional knowledge of the Board operation, help us to resolve more complex issues.


Besides this, we provide consultations to the company Board or management on strategic or confidential projects, such as:


  • Negotiations on behalf of the company Board or management (confidentiality)
  • Support and progress monitoring of critical projects
  • Preparation or editing of important items on the agenda for the Board meetings
  • Support in preparation and implementation of the company strategy, as well as a strategy to enter the market
  • Support with questions on financial and operational management, and restructuring issues.

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