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Year after year Switzerland has been demonstrating high economic development rates among other European countries and does not only provide a broad range of services and products, but strengthens its position on the global market annually. Economic stability, a high employment rate, as well as a corresponding high quality of life in the country make it one of the most attractive and desirable places not only for business, but for life in general.


Switzerland has always been and still remains the country with one of the highest life quality standards. The neutral policy of the country was and is a wonderful basis for the development of its modern economy.


According to the Federal Statistical Office, by the end of the first quarter of 2019 the total population of Switzerland was 8,484,100, including 2,129,509 foreigners, i.e., 25.1%.


The number of employed population is 5,046,000 people (59.5%), including 1,568,000 (31.1%) foreigners.


The geographic location of Switzerland makes it well suited to the development of such economic branches as tourism, but even taking into account the lack of large land plots or rich natural resources, the country’s agriculture and industries are competitive.


Service provision remains the principal activity in Switzerland. It employs 3,845,052 people (76.2%).


In addition to the information above, taxes play an important role, the level (%) of which varies between the different cantons. Selected rates can be found in the table, which will take effect after the full implementation of STAF:

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