Management of Swiss and Foreign Companies


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One of the areas of activities of the Interis AG company is founding, registration and management of companies both in Switzerland and beyond its borders, provision of support to these companies on the issues of taxation, accounting, auditing, organization of the Board, as well as management and financial consulting.


The experts of our company provide comprehensive counseling on the issues of organization of your business in Switzerland and other countries of the world.


Some Examples of Company Activities:


  • In some cases a holding company abroad, as compared to such in your own country, has certain preferences within international treaties on encouraging and mutual protection of foreign investments, which allows you to invest money in your business with the least possible risk.


Selection of an Optimal Jurisdiction for Your Business


We help you to found companies in Switzerland and many other countries of the world. Our experts are ready to provide you with comprehensive support to select the most favorable jurisdiction, fully taking into account such significant factors as the specifics of your business in combination with the unique characteristics and opportunities of each individual jurisdiction. At the same time, one should remember that each country has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following details should be taken into consideration while selecting the jurisdiction:


  • Requirements regarding company registration
  • Taxation system and owner rights
  • Requirements for reporting to the various authorities
  • Jurisdiction stability and reliability


And many other details.


Interis AG Company Provides the Following Services to Its Clients:


  • Consulting on the issues of selection of an optimal form of the company in accordance with the needs of your business;
  • Support to select the optimal jurisdiction for your business;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents, including agreements, company charters, company regulations and certificates;
  • Provision of support to establish cooperation with the leading banking organizations, opening of bank accounts and conducting further contacts with the banks;
  • Registration of the companies in various countries of the world;
  • Accounting and creating the annual report. Organization of audit;
  • Organizing shareholder meetings;
  • Consulting on issues concerning founding, reorganizations the changing the structure of shareholder capital or company liquidation.

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