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We advise you on matters which are related to the selection of the most appropriate organizational form of your company depending on the situation.


We help you to define the optimal correlation between control and delegation of authorities in the corporate management process.


If you need a neutral opinion on a serious situation (without ‘tunnel vision’), we offer you our long-term experience of work in the area of organization and management of large and middle-sized companies, as well as project management expertise.


Besides this, we provide consultations to the company Board or management on strategic or confidential projects, such as:


  • Representation of interests on behalf of a company which is not yet ready to make itself known;
  • Support and progress monitoring of critical projects;
  • Preparation or editing of important items on the agenda for the Board meetings;
  • Support on the issues of development of the company strategy, as well as strategy to enter the market;
  • Support with questions on financial and operational management, and restructuring issues.

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