Global World Citizenship is a world class leader and provider of citizenship and residency options,
specially tailored to hundreds of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, and families across the globe.

The principal activities of "Interhelp-Service" are:

  1. Representation of client’s interest in court
  2. Providing of legal support for investment projects
  3. Providing of legal support for real estate projects
  4. Setting up of finance companies, cooperative savings organizations, pawn offices, nongovernmental pension funds, mutual benefit and charitable organizations as well as companies of any other kind of ownership

The principal activities of "Stephani + Partner" are:

  1. Legal advice and litigation in the areas of contractual, corporate and family law
  2. Tax advice and tax litigation
  3. Real estate transactions
  4. Estate planning
  5. Alien law advice and support (residency permits)
  6. Transaction-oriented advice and assistance (M&A)
  7. General legal services

The principal activities of "Kharlan and Partners" are:

  1. Legal Counselling
  2. Capital project administration 
  3. Rental business administration
  4. Due diligence 
  5. Credit support
  6. Intellectual property
  7. Arbitration, return of a debt
  8. Corporate law services
  9. Tax counselling
  10. Economics and accounting services
  11. Crisis management councelling

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