Services in Switzerland and abroad 

With its highly developed banking sector, Switzerland ranks among the world’s leading financial centres. An additional advantage of doing business in Switzerland is the modern pension system which is based on three pillars and guarantees optimal security after retirement. Foreign clients can also profit from the structures that have been built alongside the pension system.

About Interis AG

Interis AG was established in Zurich in 2001 and is an internationally operating Swiss company. The company’s name originates from the Italian word "intero , which means "complete“, "integrated“, "thorough“ and which reflects the main principles of our company’s work. When taking over a mandate, we take all aspects into consideration and offer our clients a complete and comprehensive solution including all internal and external factors. The main activities of our company are:

  • We provide services relating to the set up and administration of Swiss and foreign companies, in particular:

    • We set up and administer companies registered in Switzerland and worldwide
    • We organize and take over all necessary legal activities and provide the members of board of directors of a company.
    • We keep accounts for these companies in accordance with the relevant accounting standards and take over audit mandates. We support our clients in corporate planning. 
    • We help our clients to cooperate with the leading banks in Switzerland and abroad. 
    • We have the skills and expertise to support our clients in questions regarding incorporation, merger and acquisition of companies. 
    • On international mandates we cooperate with Swiss and foreign experts in legal, accounting, tax, auditing, etc. issues.
  • We provide our clients with advice on all questions regarding administration and preservation of assets, in particular with reference to:
    • Inheritance planning.
    • Financial provisions and arrangements for retirement. 

Our clients are companies and individuals from Europe (including Eastern Europe and CIS), and other parts of the world including Latin America and Asia.

All our staff members have a business administration, legal, accounting and/or commercial background and have many years of experience in their relevant fields of work.

They are experienced to work with international clients and are fluent in many languages.

The competitive advantages of Interis AG:

  • Our activities are based on the following principles:
    • Individual and tailor-made solutions based on a personal contact between the client and us
    • Professionalism, expertise and solution oriented thinking
    • High and lasting quality of our solutions 
  • We know the distinctive features and tax rules of doing business in Switzerland and abroad. We have a broad network of contacts and numerous sources of information which helps us carry out our work efficiently. Should the business activities of a client be outside the scope of our services, we will gladly assist him in finding the service within our broad network of partner companies.
  • We strive to keep the language barriers for our clients as low as possible. It is our goal to speak with them in their mother tongue. We have German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Russian and Ukrainian language skills. We can handle the client’s affairs and draft documents (letters, agreements, etc.) in all these languages
  • Our company is located in the centre of Europe
  • We offer our clients a comprehensive selection of services for their international business activities
  • We are a small-sized company. All members of our team have many years of professional experience in companies of different sizes. This, together with our low level of employee turnover, helps us  to better safeguard the confidentiality of information in comparison with a large organization
  • For our clients we have developed standardized and timesaving solution packages which can be adapted to the individual situation of the client and thus guarantee an optimal fulfilment of the targets at minimal cost

We strive to provide our clients with high quality services and to generate additional benefits for them. At the same time, we strictly adhere to the ethical rules of our business and profession. We are happy to support our clients both in their private, as well as in their business affairs.

Reasons for entering into a business relationship with Interis AG:

  • You intend to establish a Swiss or a foreign company
  • You already run a business in Switzerland or intend to do so
  • You intend to use the financial market of Switzerland for your financial and business development
  • You already live in Switzerland or you intend to become a permanent resident of Switzerland

We invite you to visit our website where you can find more details about our products and services. Furthermore, there you will also find information about the economical and political system of Switzerland, the latest changes in tax legislation, the setting up and administering of international companies, as well as news on other important topics.

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